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The digitization of your documents will guarantee you super-fast access to all your documents. Don’t waste any more time searching through your archives. Take full advantage of the benefits of an indexed and searchable digital archive. Take advantage of all the benefits of Electronic Document Management applications. Immediate access to all your archived documents is literally at your fingertips.

Our new Electronic Document Management software: GEDocx
GEDocx is an Electronic Document Management application specifically designed to help professionals better manage their electronic documents. The application offers a variety of features such as scanning, processing, classification, analysis and authentication of documents, as well as advanced search functions. GEDocx is optimized for management of projects of all sizes. It can be used on a single computer or on an entire network of computers. In addition, it is possible to manage the access rights of different GEDocx users. Our software supports large scale production scans with barcode detection functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of media do you support?

We support almost all types of drives: SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD, disk grouping in RAID etc ... We also support most storage media.

What are the stages of your recovery service?

We collect failed drives for diagnostic purposes. Once the diagnosis is complete, we send a quote to the customer and notify them by phone. Once the quote has been accepted, we proceed to recover the data.

How much does data recovery cost?

To find out the amount of the packages corresponding to your problem Contact Us

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the documents you process?

We ensure total traceability and confidentiality of ALL documents and media that reach us, from their delivery in person until their return to the customer. Our systems comply with the latest security standards (surveillance cameras, secure equipment, user rights). In addition, each employee must sign a confidentiality agreement before being recruited by TuniLAB. Our security extends even to the software level: all our devices are secured by software and by access rights. Finally, our premises are guarded 24/7.

My drive has crashed, should I try to fix it myself?

It is strongly recommended to consult a specialist before taking any action. We have had to deal with disks that have undergone interventions that made the data unrecoverable for good. Hard disks are sensitive and very fragile equipment, an expertise is necessary to be able to handle them.

My drive has a physical problem, can you recover the data?

TUNILAB has the necessary equipment and know-how to perform physical data recovery. Our laboratory provides the necessary conditions for opening the discs and replacing the different parts that make it up.

How much does the diagnosis cost?

Diagnosis is free if the disc has not been opened or manipulated

How can I send my hard drive to your laboratory?

You can bring your storage media in person, via a carrier or by express mail.

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