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Our services

Hard drive data recovery

Our engineers have the experience and the tools to recover your all-important data.  We have successfully performed thousands of data recovery operations.

Data recovery on SSD

We are equipped with the latest card readers, high performance software and technical know-how to recover data on all types of SSD discs, USB flash drives and memory cards.

Data recovery on RAID server

Whether your server consists of hard discs in RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 or no RAID, Tunilab engineers can help you recover your data should your server fail.

Computer Forensics

Tunilab is certified as Encase Certified Examiners (EnCE) and Certified Computer Examiners (CCE). We specialize in internal investigations, intellectual property disputes, white collar crime and employment litigation

Cyber security

We offer our clients valuable advice on how to best strengthen their security and shield their organization from cyber attacks and ransomware.

Video Recovery from DVR CCTV

Our team of experienced engineers can assist you with any CCTV video loss situation.  We can recover your data from your physically damaged DVR and in any situation where the recorded video is inaccessible.


How to Recover Your Data?

Hard disks are not as hard as the name suggests.  They are fragile and sensitive and to be handled by trained specialists in a protected environment.  So before you try any do-it-yourself manipulations on the disk, speak to a specialist.  The harm you might do could lead to the permanent loss of your data.

Our procedure for recovering your data in our labs

To meet the needs of our customers we offer a detailed procedure which allows us to recover your data in a timely manner and to provide rapid feedback to customers on the status of their recovery projects.

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Our values

Security, Efficiency and Integrity: These are the values of TuniLab. All our employees share each of our three values.


Security is the cornerstone of our business. We give utmost importance to the confidentiality of our customers’ data. Strict respect for confidentiality is essential to us. This is why we have a high-level security policy and the tools needed to achieve it.


We want our work to be efficient and meet the requirements of our customers. We believe that a job well done guarantees the quality of our services. The professionalism of our employees is the result of extensive experience.



Testimonials from our customers

Very satisfied with the results, honest, clear, really affordable prices for people, they were able to recover most of the family images from a badly damaged hard drive. Highly recommended.

I would like to write to you to thank you for your quick and efficient recovery of our data, when our RAID database server as well as our backup server broke down simultaneously. Other companies took three weeks to diagnose and told us that they could not recover the data. Your team accomplished the task in just two days!

I would like to thank Tunilab for all of its efforts and hard work to recover our data. I highly recommend Tunilab. Thanks guys. You have a great team! I highly recommend TUNILAB!

I would like to thank all the members of the Tunilab team for the incredible work they have done on my hard drive. Thanks to their intervention, I was able to recover extremely valuable data, including photos and video sequences of great importance, which could not have been reproduced. Thank you for your responsiveness, efficiency and availability for your customers.

They trust us !


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