Data recovery

Tunilab has a specially equipped data recovery laboratory to guarantee a clean and ideal environment for handling discs.

The working conditions are those of a clean room: combination of work for recovery technicians, air purifier, adequate air conditioning, controlled brightness, specialized equipment for handling discs, etc. In addition, access to the room is secured using a biometric access control system (fingerprints).

These provisions allow us to carry out physical repairs on damaged hard disks: Replacement of read head, replacement of magnetic disks etc …


Document manangement

Tunilab also offers technological solutions especially for companies, lawyers, legal services, finance and accounting companies and also for government agencies.

Tunilab helps companies and law firms to migrate to a “paperless” environment which offers the following advantages:

Document security

Instant access


Cost containment


Integrated Management Policy

This integrated management policy aims to show TUNILAB’s commitment to information quality and security and to illustrate the efforts made by the company to comply with good practices in its field. ‘activity. The objective of the information management system is to provide an adequate model, ensuring that TuniLab services are rendered according to international quality standards.

TUNILAB has implemented an Information Security Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 27001.

The framework of this policy covers all TUNILAB operations, including IT services in:

  • Digitization and Electronic Document Management,
  • Forensics,
  • Data recovery, and
  • Other associated services.

Our policy for the maintenance of the TuniLab Integrated Management System is based on the continuous improvement of information security, by being on the lookout for the latest technological advances. TUNILAB undertakes to:

  • Provide professional services that will satisfy customers and have a positive impact on the community
  • Aim for excellence in the provision of services in order to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of security, confidentiality, quality, innovative approach and adequate prices;
  • Maintain a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers, suppliers and other parties concerned;
  • Provide training and continuing education for our employees as it is the key to customer satisfaction
  • Ensure a work environment that promotes diversity and experience, encourage mutual trust and rewards dedicated work
  • Respect the ethical principles
  • Ensure that decisions and investments related to information security are based on a risk assessment of goods, processes and services;
  • Minimize the undesirable impacts of risks and resolve security-related problems quickly and efficiently by relying on a Business Continuity Plan;
  • Comply with all laws and regulations governing the field of information security;

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