Practices to avoid in case of hard drive failure:

When your hard drive that contains very important data crashes it can be very infuriating. Then you remember that your friend or cousin seems to know a lot about computers than you do and you call him in to help.  Or you’d recall that there is a little computer repair shop around the corner and you decide to take it him.  After a day or two they hand you back the disc and they say it’s not recoverable.  You’ve given them a damaged drive and they returned it to you still damaged.  No harm done, right?  WRONG!!!  Unless these people had the technical know-how and  the necessary equipment they might have obliterated any chance you had of ever recovering your data.

Some of the problems we noted with mishandled hard drives over the years include:

  • Opening the disc and exposing the platters in an unsuitable environment
  • Working directly on the patient disk or on the formatted disk
  • Putting the hard drive in the refrigerator
  • Using dodgy and unsuitable software to recover data
  • Examining the inside of the disc without the appropriate tools

We recommend that you always entrust your data to recovery professionals who know what they are doing and protect your valuable data.


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