How much does a data recovery service cost?

Recovering your data locally in Tunisia is faster and cheaper than having to send the drive overseas whether to Europe or to North America.

TuniLAB gives you the opportunity to benefit from a professional data recovery service at very competitive prices. Whether you have data on a drive that has been stored for months or need recovery from your server, TuniLAB offers you fast and efficient service.

We can restore data from a multitude of storage media: hard disks (SATA, IDE, SCSI), flash disks, memory cards and others. The prices we offer are highly competitive compared to those offered in Europe, without sacrificing the quality of service.

We offer a free diagnosis.

For logical failures our prices vary between $70  and $250  (For disks with capacity = <2 TB)

For physical failures, contact us for an online quote or send your storage medium for a quote determining the final price.


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