RAID Servers:

 In IT, the word RAID designates the techniques allowing to distribute data on several hard disks in order to improve either fault tolerance, or security, or performance of the whole, or a breakdown of it all. There are several RAID configurations ranging from 0 to 6.

Whether it is a server containing hard drives in RAID0, RAID5 or without RAID, TuniLab engineers are highly qualified to perform data recovery. In the event of a breakdown or crash, do not try to recover the data yourself as there are recovery methods not suitable for RAID, which can damage or destroy your data making the recovery extremely difficult, if not impossible. Call in specialists to perform this task.

At TuniLab, the integrity of your data is our number one priority: entrust your servers to us and have peace of mind.

We perform recovery on several types of hard drives, including SCSI, as well as on drives belonging to different brands: Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu…

Our recovery methods are scientific and adapted to the types of RAID existing on the market.

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