Hard drive failures:

 Hard drives are the most widely used information storage medium in the world. There are several types of hard drives such as SSD, SATA, IDE, SCSI and they are mainly found in computers. Due to their magnetic composition, hard drives are fragile and can easily fail and when the information they contain is important, it is necessary to recover them.

There are two types of hard drive failures: logical and physical.

Logical failures are mostly due to operating system corruption.
Physical failures are caused by damage to the physical components of the disk as well as the firmware of the disk installed by the manufacturer.
It is sometimes possible to determine the nature of the failure by the symptoms displayed. For example, a disc that produces a continuous ‘click’ sound is most likely physically damaged. While a drive on which the operating system is no longer running (booting does not succeed) is probably affected by a logical failure.
When the data on a damaged disk is very large, any loss of that data can be disastrous. It is therefore essential to extract the data with minimal loss. It is not recommended to use open-source recovery software. The best solution is to seek the advice of a recovery specialist equipped with the necessary tools and technical know-how.

TuniLab specialists have the expertise to perform data recovery on all types of storage media.

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