Practices to Avoid in the Event of a Hard Drive Failure

A crashing hard drive is a troublesome problem, especially when it contains important data. After the failure, certain manipulations made by uninformed users can prove fatal for the data. These manipulations are also contradictory with the good practices of data recovery.
After an accident that causes the hard drive to fail, some people call in technicians with little or no qualification.

Among the bad manipulations that we have listed, we cite:

Open the disc and expose the platters in an unsuitable environment
Work directly on the damaged disk or on the formatted disk
Put the hard drive in the fridge
Use questionable and unsuitable software to recover data
Examine the interior of the disc without the appropriate tools and combination
We recommend that you always entrust your data to recovery professionals who know what they are doing and protect your data permanently.



 * Free diagnosis if the disc has not been handled or opened
* Free diagnosis if the problem is not a ransomware

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